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Photo by Hector Vasquez 

Best friends of over 15 years, Jesse Labovitz and Adam Fujiki came together from their shared love of music; they met when Jesse’s Toronto-based band No Warning was signed to the label that Adam was working A&R for. Throughout the years, they’ve remained insanely tight, even having lived together! But they definitely did not foresee themselves starting (of all things) a bagel company together. 


And then everything changed. COVID was a massive blow to the music and live entertainment industry; thousands of musicians, artists and performers of all types (Jesse and Adam included) have been completely out of work due to the pandemic. Unable to tour, work closely alongside colleagues or step foot into a recording studio or music venue left Jesse and Adam with not only a cleared schedule, but time to focus on pushing forward with perfecting their ultimate bagel recipe.


Sherm’s Bagels was established in December of 2020 and the interest and demand from his immediate circle of friends spread so quickly that they knew right away there was something special about their bagels – and thus required a very special name. Sherm’s is named after Jesse’s grandfather Sherman Labovitz who was a proud Philadelphian and a hero: Sherman was a warrior against the McCarthy Era and was the youngest defendant among the "Philadelphia Nine," nine leaders of the local Communist Party arrested and convicted during a five-month federal trial. He published his memories of that trial in a book entitled "Being Red in Philadelphia” in 1997. He lived to the age of 93, passing away in March of 2018. Jesse and Adam are proud of everything Sherm’s stands for and constantly strive to live up to the name and everything it represents to them: steadfastness, exceptional quality and family. 


We are so excited for for you to try Sherm’s Bagels and see what the future has in store for us!


Jesse & Adam

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